Meet Kelly


Kelly currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her 4 year old “Puggle” named Roscoe.  Her son, Keith also lives in Lawrence and is finishing up his Senior year playing football for the University of Kansas.  He will graduate in the Spring with a double-major in Accounting and Business Finance.  Kelly’s daughter Kylee played soccer at Fort Hayes State University while acquiring a degree in Organizational Leadership; and is currently pursuing a singing career in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is Kelly’s joy to follow these two around the country and watch them shine.  


Kelly started working her Mary Kay business in October of 1996, part-time with a 2 year old and a 7 month old.  Kelly attended the University of Florida; and graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology.  Her previous career was in Corporate Wellness. 


She debuted as a Sales Director in June of 2000 and earned her first free car 3 months earlier.  Working as a full-time director and full-time mom, she and her unit have been in 5 unit clubs—the $300,000 unit club (as a unit, they sold in excess of $300,000 of retail products) 3 times, and the the $400,000 unit club 2 times.  Kelly has also earned the National Court of Sales 6 times (Selling over $40,000 Retail in one year) and has been a Star Consultant 83 Quarters.  She is most humbled by earning the monthly Miss Go-Give title for the Diamond Seminar in May 2015.  Currently two leaders from Kelly’s future area have promoted themselves and debuted as Kelly’s offspring sales directors.  Kelly has driven a free Mary Kay car for 18 years and she and her unit have earned 13 Free cars! 


It has been Kelly’s passion to work this business with balance, honoring God, and raising a family.  She is thankful for the lifestyle it has provided and the confidence and empowerment that Mary Kay has given her.  Her favorite part of Mary Kay is to empower other women, to help them figure out their God-given gifts and talents and to help them become confident and know that they are enough.  


Kelly’s mission in life is to teach other women how to live richer, more abundant lives with passion, vision and balance.  No other​ career could give her such a platform for fulfilling this purpose.